Descent Into Darkness

dark and twisted, tangled mood

blackness seeps, creeps,

comes on slowly

left to stew

like blood-soaked gauze over an open wound

sanguine humor of shadow and fog

shades the light

shrouds the rod

divining vein deep within

seeks to hide and disguise

empty smiles and tired eyes

through the crevice

and cellar door

sinking further toward the core

a swirling, twirling, vacillating vortex,

static, erratic, distorted digits reaching deeper still

where knotted roots explore

and vital forces play

a duel of sorts

whether life or death will stay

a quiet place, dark and gloomy

holds that special space

its numbing vacuum insulates

the fragile heart embalmed

~ C.M. Crowley

Daily Prompt: Darkness



Clever and earthy. I could imagine if one wanted to make several of these, you could use them as lovely stepping stones in the garden, maybe between the garden beds.

Easy to make floor mats. Use the indoors, outdoors, doorway, bathroom and more.Supplies:Outdoor rubber mat – with holes or spaces for water to drainSmooth ocean or river stones – make sure they are porous, not slick and polished. The amount will vary on the size of the mat and can be found near rivers, oceans,…

via HOW TO MAKE SMOOTH STONE FLOOR MATS — DIY Gardening & Better Living

Rain Makes Everything Beautiful

We got some much needed rain this weekend. The thing I love about rainy days is that it brings out the creative juices. Having no place to be and a house to myself, the rhythmic pitter-patter played like soothing music to my ears. I pulled out some reclaimed wood from an old flower box we dismantled last year and acrylic paints and stencils. The results look as good as any of those decorative signs sold in craft stores or gift shops.

Nana's Garden
Cute little garden plaque that will soon hang on the garden gate.
This one hangs above the window in my bedroom.