Volunteers from the Compost

Has anyone ever had sprouting plants appear from newly spread compost?  I have many tomato “volunteers” as they are referred to, sprouting in my cantaloupe patch.  I do recall tossing tomato refuse in the compost pile last fall. Some from my own tomatoes and some from store bought organic tomatoes. So, I am not sure what type of tomatoes these volunteers will produce.  I let them grow for a while, but now that my cantaloupe are vining nicely, I’ve had to pull them. With nowhere else to place them in the garden, I have put them in pots and given some away. I left one monster tomato plant stay as it was already blooming. I’m excited to see what kind of tomatoes will appear. So far, all the plants have taken well to their new accommodations. Only time will tell. I’m hoping for a bumber crop!